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HMOs - advice for landlords


To apply for a licence

To apply for a first time licence, apply for a renewal of an existing licence, or to make a change to an existing licence, use the button below​.
Apply for HMO licence​​​​

You can al​so submit a paper application although there is an additional non-refundable fee

Find out more about property licence fees

Contact us on the number below if you need further advice, including to check if you need this licence or to receive a paper application.
Housing - HMO

If you are a landlord or someone who owns or manages a house in multiple occupation (HMO), you have a responsibility to maintain certain standards at the property.

You must ensure that:
  • the property is kept in good repair - we assess the condition of housing with reference to the Housing Health & Safety Rating System (download a guide below)
  • there is an adequate number of amenities, eg toilets, bathrooms, cooking facilities etc - download ‘amenity standards’ to view minimum requirements
  • there are adequate fire precautions, eg fire doors, smoke detectors, alarms etc - download the ‘guide to fire safety standards for residential properties in Bedfordshire’ to view minimum requirements
  • the property is a suitable size and layout for the number of people or occupants living there - download ‘amenity standards’ below to view minimum requirements
  • common parts of the property, eg staircase, shared lounge, fire escapes fixtures and fittings etc, are kept in good order - view the minimum requirements by downloading 'management regulations' below

Do I need a licence?

You will need a HMO licence if the property you rent out has:
  • five or more persons forming two or more households and
  • the occupants share amenities, such as bathrooms or kitchens
If you operate an HMO and have not applied for a licence, you run the risk of prosecution. Operating an HMO without the proper licence is a criminal offence and carries an unlimited fine on summary conviction. In addition, tenants will be able to claim back a year’s worth of rent from you.
For further information download the HMO licensing Q&A document below.


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