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Family safeguarding in Luton has changed. We've made a shift to focus on outcomes, and have changed the way we work to create a more motivational approach.
Among those changes are:
  • focussing on families’ abilities to make change happen
  • creating co-located multidisciplinary teams to provide joined-up support
  • changing our culture
  • simplifying processes to share information
Our five co-located, multidisciplinary family safeguarding teams include specialists who provide direct help for families and their children. Our workers are trained in working with and supporting families to understand why we are involved and supporting them to make the necessary changes.
The teams are made up of specialists from:
Together we aim to achieve:
  • a reduction in repeat call outs for domestic abuse incidents for families using family safeguarding services
  • reduced requests for care applications to court and the supporting processes
  • less time spent recording and more time spent with families
  • significantly reduced use of emergency health services

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