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Manor Contact Centre

If you need to arrange supervised visits with your children, or you're a social worker arranging family time (contact) for a client, The Manor Centre aims to provide a friendly, safe and welcoming environment where quality supervised family time can take place.

Manor Contact Centre - where quality supervised contacts can take place. 

Trained staff are on hand to provide support, advice and guidance to parents to help them build on their parenting skills. As part of supervising Family Time staff can assess relationships, family dynamics and monitor improvements.

Family time can benefit children and birth relatives in numerous ways:

  • it can ease the sense of loss and provide reassurance for both children and their relatives
  • it can help to maintain family relationships
  • through family time children are able to gain a greater understanding of their history and identity, which may enhance their self-esteem

The Manor Centre is new and refurbished and the following facilities are available:

  • ten furnished rooms – all rooms have kitchenettes with microwave and sinks
  • two rooms with full kitchens for baking and cooking with children
  • bathing facilities available
  • a secure outdoor play area with basketball net, outdoor toys and equipment
  • age appropriate toys available
  • arts and crafts materials
  • cots, prams, high chairs and bedding
  • baby changing facilities
  • bottles, sterilising equipment
  • access to resources and tools for service users with learning difficulties
  • disabled access

See photos of the centre's facilities

The centre provides supervised family time for any of the following:

  • children aged up to 18 years old and their significant relatives
  • children subject to court orders
  • parents and children with mental health, learning difficulties and/or physical disabilities
  • parents who have a history of, or are currently undergoing treatment for, drug and alcohol misuse
  • families from diverse ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds


Referrals are accepted both privately and internally from Luton Council. For information regarding referrals to The Manor Centre, please complete the supervised family time session form or contact the centre by phone on 01582 415401

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