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Luton Borough Council

Health and wellbeing


This is what you need to know about our responsibilities, regarding your health and wellbeing.

Living well

We'll make sure that:

  • you understand about healthy eating and the importance of exercise
  • your staying put carer or residential worker helps you learn how to cook healthy meals and encourages you to take regular exercise

Getting help if needed

Your staying put carer or residential worker will help you access services you may need. They'll make sure you have the support you need from the right organisations, at the right time, for example:

  • mental health services
  • drug and alcohol services
  • family planning

Keeping in good health

Your personal adviser will make sure that you understand how to stay healthy. They'll support you to:

  • find a GP, dentist and optician
  • make sure you keep in good health

Further information

To get more information about health and wellbeing and your entitlements, contact your personal adviser.

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