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Frequently asked questions


Do I have to leave my foster placement now I’m 16?

No. Nationally, local authorities don't expect you to leave care at 16 and work to ensure that you'll remain in settled placements at least until you reach the age of 18, and sometimes beyond that depending on individual circumstances.

You're are far more likely to achieve in school and in further education if you remain in care at least until you're 18.

What sort of help will I get now that I’ve left care?

The 18+ team is responsible for ensuring you're adequately housed. This might be in any of the following:

  • foster care
  • supported lodgings
  • hostel accommodation
  • supported shared accommodation
  • full independence

By working in partnership and through the pathway planning process, you and your social worker or personal advisor will work towards full independence when you're ready. We'll encourage you to take part in:

  • independence preparation group work
  • residential programmes to make sure you have the necessary skills to succeed in independence

Care leavers aren't entitled to claim state benefits until they reach the age of 18 so are financially supported by the team until that time. At 18 you'll receive appropriate benefit advice from your social worker or personal advisor which will reflect your individual circumstances.

Will I still get help after I’m 18?

Yes. We have a statutory duty to offer a service to care leavers until they reach the age of 21 or 24 if in higher education.

Find out what help, support and guidance we provide through the Luton Local Offer for care leavers.

Will I be able to go to university?

If you've proved that you have the academic ability to undertake a course in higher education, you'll be supported to do so by the 18+ team. We'll help with:

  • the application process
  • arranging student finance
  • securing accommodation 
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