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Luton care leavers' charter


Image showing 4 teenage care leavers standing against a wall, and the words 'Luton care leavers' charter'.

This is what you can expect from the Leaving Care service.

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  • We'll make sure you're actively involved in decisions that affect you. We'll ask you what you want to say, listen to your views and give you feedback on what we've done about them.
  • We'll support and help you with your housing needs and work with you to ensure that your accommodation is of an appropriate standard.
  • We'll help you to stay in touch with friends, family or previous foster families / key workers at semi-independent accommodation, if this is your wish.
  • We'll support you to continue to develop the skills you need to be independent.
  • We'll support you to access information to enable you to understand your own finances.
  • We'll support you to develop coping strategies to deal with life’s challenges.
  • We'll support you to access your records with us when you're ready, should you need them.
  • We'll give you support to access Universal Credit if needed, for your financial independence.
  • If you're unhappy about something and you feel you can’t resolve this informally, We'll support you to make a complaint.
  • We'll know you well enough to recognise when you're unhappy about something, or have a comment, compliment or complaint to make. A link is provided at the bottom of the page.
  • We'll make sure you can speak to who you need to about your concerns or issues you may have. We'll make sure you have the relevant contact details to get hold of them.
  • All care leavers will have a named personal advisor.
  • We'll support you to address any issues with your accommodation. We have good links with other agencies, which helps us to do this.
  • We'll support you to buy essential items to set up your own home through your leaving care grant.
  • We'll support you to access appropriate information so that you to understand risks and make the right choices.
  • We'll respect and promote your rights in relation to disability, sexuality and race.
  • We'll support your right to follow your culture and religion if that is your wish.
  • We're committed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality and will support you to feel safe and happy to be who you are, without judgement or fear.
  • We'll appreciate and understand that, now you're over 18, your needs and wishes may change.
  • We'll make sure you're encouraged to participate at a level you're comfortable with.
  • We'll make sure that you're actively listened to, whatever your ability or circumstance.
  • We'll respect your rights to privacy.
  • We'll only share information with authorised persons or agencies that need to know as and when they need it.
  • We'll support and help you to access extra support from Adult Social Care, if you have additional needs.
  • We'll recognise your strengths, talents and ambitions and will celebrate your achievements.
  • We'll support you to pursue your goals and career aspirations.
  • We'll listen to your views about college, university, training or employment choices and, wherever possible, help you to access one that suits you.
  • We'll support you whilst you're in further education and training beyond 18 up to potentially 25, including going to college and university. Your personal advisor will help you plan for the future.
  • We'll support you to access mentoring opportunities.
  • We'll tell you about your rights and entitlements in the service or elsewhere including local and national resources and, if needed, help you to apply for them.
  • We'll put you in touch with an educational personal advisor to support you.
  • We'll help you to access your health history (health passport) from the NHS Looked After Children’s Health team.
  • We'll support you to access local services so that you can maintain your physical and sexual health.
  • We'll support you to access mental health services.
  • We'll support you to access your health records from NHS professionals.
  • Your personal advisor will encourage you to attend all your health appointments.
  • We'll let you know how and where to get confidential health advice, if needed.

Information and support

More information for care leavers on

The Leaving Care (18+) service

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