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Having a home


If you have a learning disability we can help you to find the right place to call ‘home’.

There are lots of different options for places to live in Luton if you have a learning disability.
You might choose:
  • a room in a shared house or flat. We have a scheme to help you to do this, called ‘supported living’
  • to live in someone else’s home. The scheme we have to help you do this is called ‘Shared Lives’
  • to live at home with your own family or carers
  • a room in a care home

Can I still get support in my new home?

We want you to live as independently as possible in whichever kind of home you choose. But you might need help to do some every day things.

You might need help to get dressed, cook a meal, keep things tidy, use buses and other transport, help to organise and pay your bills, or help get out and about to places you like to go visit. Or there may be other things you need help with.

We can arrange for you get that help, wherever you choose to live.

Tell me more about... supported living accommodation

If you choose to live in supported living accommodation you will have your own tenancy agreement and share a house with up to three other people. Support is on a 24-hour basis, depending on your individual needs.

The benefits of supported living are that you will have choice and control over where you live, over choosing the right carer to support you, and over deciding when you receive that support.

Supported living accommodation in Luton

You can find supported living accommodation in our our online directory of services for vulnerable adults, families and children, and young people:

Luton Directory, Supported living

Tell me more about... Shared Lives

Shared Lives is where you live in the same home as somebody who has agreed to care for you. You may be living with a single person, a couple or a whole family. We call these people Shared Lives carers.

We will talk to you first to make sure that we match you with a home and a Shared Lives carer that you are happy with. If you are not happy, you are free to say ‘no’.

You would have your own bedroom and share other parts of the house.

Shared Lives can be a good option if you like living with other people, in a family environment.

Tell me more about... living in a care home

Living in a care home can be a good option if you are unable to live independently. It doesn’t have to be forever, you might want to live in a care home for a short time until you are ready to live independently.

In a care home you would have your own room and share communal areas, such as the dining area and living area. You may, or may not, have your own toilet or bathroom, depending on the care home.

Your care is provided by the home so you wouldn’t have to organise your own support.

Read more about care homes in Luton.

Care homes in Luton

You can find supported living accommodation in our online directory of services for vulnerable adults, families and children, and young people:

Luton Directory, Housing and care homes

How can I find out more?

If you already have a social worker they will be able to explain more about how to find a home. If you do not have a social worker you will need to contact us – using the contact details below.

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