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Prepaid cards


A prepaid card is a debit card provided by the council, which is loaded with your direct payment funding for you to spend on the assessed needs identified in your support plan.

How a pre-paid card works

  • The card works like a normal debit card
  • It has an account number and sort code
  • There is no cheque book or overdraft facility so you can’t spend over your budget and get into debt
  • There are no fees or charges to use the card

Checking your account online or by phone

You'll be able to check your account online or by phone, you'll also be able to set up regular payments (direct debits and standing orders.)

You don't need a separate bank account and you don't need to send us bank statements – we take care of that for you.

We'll check the things you pay for to make sure you're making the most of your card. You should still keep your receipts for anything that you pay for with the pre-paid card.

Using your card

You can use your pre-paid card to buy the care equipment and services you need, so you could:

  • make regular payments to your personal assistant
  • pay a care agency for a service by direct debit
  • buy care equipment from approved shops or websites

You can't use your card for:

  • things that are not directly related to your care and support
  • employing immediate family members who live in the same house as you
  • anything that is provided free by another service, such as the NHS
  • residential or nursing care (excluding respite care for up to four consecutive weeks in any 12 month period)
  • health needs
  • gambling, alcohol and tobacco
  • anything illegal (including paying people ‘cash in hand’)
  • paying debts, ordinary household bills, food, and rent or mortgage
  • services normally funded through other benefits or schemes (such as support into employment) anything that places you at risk
  • things that do not represent value for money (such as when there is a valid cheaper alternative)

For more information about pre-paid cards and for FAQs, please see our prepaid card fact sheet in the downloadable documents section below

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