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Direct payments for adults and older people


Paying for your own care and support

If you receive council-funded care and support, then you can apply for direct payments, giving you greater freedom to choose and arrange your own care.

What is a direct payment?

A direct payment is money paid to you, either as a one-off, or as a series of payments, so that you can choose and buy the care services you need, instead of having us arrange them for you.

How can I get a direct payment?

Before you can receive direct payments you need to have an assessment of care needs. If you are eligible for care and support you will be given an estimated personal budget to spend on the care you need.

When we have agreed with you how this money will be spent - you have the choice of how you would like it to be managed. You can either:

  • receive this money yourself as direct payments paid into a prepaid card account so you can choose and buy your own care and support
  • let us put care and support services in place for you
  • have a mixture of these two options

Will the direct payment pay for the full cost of my care and support?

Everyone is expected to contribute towards the cost of their care and support. The exact amount you will be expected to contribute will depend on how much money you have. We find this out by looking at your finances through a financial assessment.

If you choose to take direct payments, then the direct payments you receive will be for the cost of your care and support minus your contribution towards the costs. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contribution is added to the direct payment in order to pay the full amount for your care and support.

How do direct payments work?

You can find more information about how direct payments give you the most choice of all the options through the links below. Direct payments do mean you will need to do some extra organisation.

If you wish to employ a PA for a support you can find information and contact details for companies who can help you with this on our employing a personal assistant for direct payments page.

Remember, it’s up to you if you want to choose to receive direct payments.

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