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Occupational therapy services


Occupational therapy services provide equipment and home adaptations to help people who are frail through old age, people with disabilities, and their carers.

Our aim is to help people to remain living independently in their own homes for as long as possible. Sometimes this can be done through making small changes to someone’s home to help them get about more easily, or through giving that person a piece of equipment to help them in their day-to-day life. 

What are occupational therapy services?

The service which provides equipment and adaptations is called ‘occupational therapy’ and the professional workers who can assess people for this service are ‘occupational therapists (OTs)’.

Who might need occupational therapy services?

  • people who are frail through old age
  • people with disabilities
  • people being discharged from hospital who now can’t manage as well as they could before
  • people who are carers of any of the above

Examples of equipment and minor home adaptations

There are lots of different products available to make your daily activities easier.
Some examples include:
  • grab rails
  • raised toilet seats
  • walking frames
  • perching stools
  • pick up and reaching aids
There is a free, interactive self-assessment tool to get an idea of equipment to help your situation, which you can use by visiting the Milbrook self assessment.
Or if you would rather browse equipment, follow this link to visit Living Made Easy. Both links are from the Disabled Living Foundation.

Examples of major home adaptations

Some typical examples of major adaptations include:
  • widening doorways
  • installing ramps
  • installing a stairlift
  • creating disabled access to showers
  • lowering of work surfaces in kitchens
Equipment will always be considered before adaptations to the home, and minor adaptations before major ones.
Please read this useful factsheet with information regarding ramps for mobility scooters.

How do I get occupational therapy services?

To receive equipment and adaptations from us you must:
During the assessment we will look at your individual situation to identify the care services which are right for you. If you need equipment or adaptations an occupational therapist will work with you to look at the products which will best help you.
For adults: You can request an assessment by contacting our Customer Service Centre on the numbers at the bottom of this page.

For children (under 18): Follow this link for how to contact the Children’s Assessment Team.
If you feel you would rather seek the views of an independent occupational therapist (one who doesn’t work for the council) then an OT from adult social care will need to verify the reports on you before we can offer council-funded equipment or adaptations.

To find an independent occupational therapist: follow this link to visit the College of Occupational Therapists.

Will I have to pay?

If you are eligible for care and assessed as needing equipment or minor home adaptations there is no charge.
If you are assessed as needing major home adaptations the cost to you will depend on several factors, which may include the following:
  • who owns the house you live in
  • the scale of work involved
  • how much money you have
If you own your own home, or you rent from a private landlord you will need to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. This is a ‘means-tested’ grant, which broadly means that the less money you have, the more grant you could receive to pay towards the works. The maximum grant amount is £30,000.
Homeowners over 60, or whose household includes a person with a disability may also qualify for equity release should any additional funding be needed for work.
If you are a council tenant you will not have to pay for any work done. If the works are substantial, we may offer you more suitable accommodation instead.
If you rent from a Registered Social Landlord (such as a Housing Association) you will need to apply for a means-tested Disabled Facilities Grant.

Follow this link to read more about housing grants and funds.
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