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I have a disability - can my home be adapted?

If you have a disability that makes living in your property difficult, there is assistance you can receive from us to make your situation easier.

What sort of adaptations can be made to help me?

There is a range of adaptations that can be made, depending on your individual needs. Examples include:
  • improving wheelchair access into and movement around your home
  • disabled access to showers
  • stair lifts
  • hoists
  • kitchen adaptations
  • smaller modifications such as grab rails
Small modifications such as grab rails can be done quickly. However, if you need something like a stair lift or a walk in shower, the waiting time could be much longer. We give priority to people with the greatest need in order to safeguard their health, safety, well-being or independence.
Equipment (such as walking aids, grabbing sticks and other aids) will always be considered before adaptations to the home; and minor adaptations before major ones.

How do I qualify for help?

To receive equipment and adaptations from us you must:
The service which provides equipment and adaptations is called ‘occupational therapy’ and the professional workers who can assess people for this service are ‘occupational therapists’ (OTs).
During your assessment an occupational therapist may visit you in your home to identify options to help you, which may include a home adaptation.
Follow this link to read more about our occupational therapy service.

Who do I contact?

For adults: You can request an assessment of care needs by contacting our Customer Service Centre on the numbers at the bottom of this page.
For children (under 18): Follow this link for how to contact the Children’s Assessment Team.

Will I have to pay?

If you are eligible for care and assessed as needing equipment or minor home adaptations there is no charge.
If you are assessed as needing major home adaptations it will depend on who owns the home you live in.

If you own your own home, or you rent from a private landlord

You will need to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant. This is a ‘means-tested’ grant, which broadly means that the less money you have, the more grant you could receive to pay towards the works. The maximum grant amount is £30,000, but the amount you receive will depend on the adaptations necessary.
If the proposed works cost more than £30,000, we may be able to assist with a loan.

If you are a council tenant

You will not have to pay for any work done. If the works are substantial, we may offer you more suitable accommodation instead. Please download the factsheet below for further information.

If you rent from a Registered Social Landlord (such as a Housing Association)
You will need to apply for a means-tested Disabled Facilities Grant.

Other options

There may be other alternatives that can help you more quickly. For example, moving to alternative accommodation that has already been adapted and will suit your needs, or which is better and easier suited to being adapted, such as ground floor accommodation.
If you are a council tenant and you would be willing to move into a more suitable home you should contact the allocations team on 01582 546646 or [email protected].
If you are a homeowner or private tenant and willing to move into a more suitable home you may qualify for a relocation grant to help you move. For more details contact the private sector housing team on 01582 547222 or [email protected].
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