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Luton Borough Council

Period poverty project


Periods are never going to be something discussed over the dinner table, but for 50% of the world’s population they’re a regular occurrence and can be a financial burden.

The aim of this project is to supply free, environmentally friendly and reusable sanitary products to residents who may not able to afford to but them as a result of monetary constraints or social issues.

Here in Luton we're seeking to redress the balance around period poverty with the current cost of living crisis, in line with our Luton 2040 vision. The aim of Luton 2040 is that no-one has to live in poverty and this project is a positive step towards achieving that. It's also a small step in creating a sustainable approach to reduce the volume of waste created in the town.

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We're partnering with Hey Girls, a social enterprise currently working with Scottish local authorities. Dependent upon funding, Hey Girls will supply home kits for:

  • direct delivery to residents
  • delivery via local groups

Hey Girls is an award winning social enterprise that has a proven track record. They work closely with local authorities to undertake educational and awareness raising campaigns. They also provide a wealth of experience for us to call upon, supporting our endeavours to:

  • reduce period poverty
  • improve the effect it can have on opportunities and equity for our residents

We'll provide free, reusable and sustainable sanitary products to Luton residents, either direct or through a home delivery service. However, we do ask that if you can afford to buy then please let those less fortunate or in need have first dibs.

In the long term, alongside the home delivery scheme, we'd like to add:

  • organic disposable products
  • a subsidised scheme for the purchase of reusable period products, such as pants, pads and cups

If you'd like to be part of the period revolution, please visit the Hey Girls website and place an order. Our budget is limited, so we're offering these free products on a first come, first served basis.

Ending period poverty, one period at a time.

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