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East Village design codes

'East Village design codes'- Appendix 2009 to the High Town supplementary planning document (SPD) was adopted on 24 July 2009.

The 'East Village design codes - Appendix' to the 2007 High Town supplementary planning document (SPD) was adopted on 24 July 2009 and retained as SPD in September 2016, when the High Town Masterplan SPD was adopted (and when the 2007 High Town SPD was revoked).

In collaboration with Urban Initiatives the Regeneration Service has produced a series of design codes that will rule the redevelopment of these specific sites and allow us to realise the 'East Village'.

The document is composed by a set of general development principles, which are recommendations and suggestions drawn from the baseline studies (part A) and a set of design requirements which are mandatory and are included in the 'regulating plan' (part B). The latter is divided into:

  • area-wide design codes for shared spaces and buildings.
  • area-specific codes applicable to street typologies and building block typologies.
  • special places with an outline brief for areas that will require future bespoke design

The codes are mandatory; demonstration of compliance will be essential to receive planning permission for the redevelopment of any site within the boundary of the East Village. The level of detail will help to speed up the application process for developers who comply with the codes and at the same time will allow us to achieveĀ our vision for the area.


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