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View planning applications and make comments


What information do I need?

You will need to know either the location of the relevant property or the reference number we have given the application. If you want to make a comment you will be asked to leave your details as we cannot accept anonymous submissions. Guidance regarding using the online application site can be found here and enables you to get alert

Search and comment on an application

What can I comment on?

We will only consider comments relating to planning issues - these may include such matters as:

  • traffic
  • noise and disturbance
  • smells or fumes
  • overlooking
  • visual intrusion
  • street scene 

We cannot consider non-planning matters such as:

  • loss of value
  • trade competition
  • noise during building operations
  • trespass

Personal information

If you make a comment your details will be displayed on the planning system, normally within three working days (or up to seven days if there are lots of comments). Personal details such as your telephone number, email address and signature will be removed but your name and address will be published because they form part of the statutory planning register.

You can request to have your name and address removed from online publication, however your comment will be regarded as anonymous and carry less weight and may be disregarded when the application is being considered.

We try and ensure all sensitive details are removed, however, if you find any applicants or objector telephone numbers, email addresses or signatures which have not been removed then please let us know at: [email protected] or by phone on 01582 546327 and we will remove them as soon as possible.

Note: on comments not submitted via public access or electronically, you should only include information that you're happy to be made available online; personal information should be submitted on a separate sheet of paper.

Comments made verbally, in person or by telephone will not be recorded or taken into account and comments and objections posted onto any social media web pages, including the council’s own pages will not be taken into account when formally considering all the representations made in response to an application, unless they have been formally submitted to our planning authority.

Removal of unsuitable comments

If we consider any representations  to contain any comments which are not suitable for publication, including derisory, defamatory or abusive nature, we will endeavour not to publish them. This may result in your comments not being considered when determining an application.

Changes and decisions

If major changes are made, we normally advise people who have commented and give a further 14 days for additional comments to be made.

If an application is decided by the development control committee you will be advised of the date, time and location of their meeting and whether you have a right to speak at it in line with the current policy.

We receive hundreds of comments on applications each year so it is not possible to acknowledge receipt of or to respond to your comments directly and it is our policy not to do so. You can however be assured that all comments are considered.

Important dates.

Details of the important dates relating to the application, including the target date for its determination and the outcome, can be found on the online planning system so we will not formally notify you of the outcome of an application.

More information

If you're unclear about what an application involves or need more information, the planning case officer will be happy to discuss the application with you. The details can be found on the neighbour notification letter or you can use the ones given below.

All responses and comments on planning applications will be recorded. Specific reasons as to why you gave this response are useful with the decision making process – however, your view will still be counted regardless of this being submitted or not. Multiple responses from the same individual will only be counted as one response.

Alternative to online comments

Letters of objections or petitions can be posted through the town hall letterbox but will not be receipted.

If you need a receipt, you'll need to scan the letter or petition and email it to [email protected].

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