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Luton Borough Council

Pre-application service

Pre-application advice is recognised as an important part of the planning process.

Its objectives are to improve the quality of the applications submitted, with the aim of delivering quality outcomes to the benefit of the customer, the council and the community at large. 

The process will generally give more certainty and clarity at an early stage by identifying planning issues and requirements before an application is submitted so that speedier decisions can be made. However, given the resource implications of providing such a service, the overall cost to us cannot be sustained within current budgetary pressures. Therefore the costs should be recovered directly and not fall as a general cost to the council taxpayer. The charges are set out on the fee sheet below.

Use the advice note below to find out:

  • what the benefits of pre-application advice are
  • what should you expect from us
  • what do we expect from you
  • the information we expect customers to provide
  • details of the payments of fee
  • the service you can expect from us
  • the implications of not engaging in the pre-application process

Follow this link for detailed advice from the Environment Agency.

The Development Control service will continue to provide good, constructive advice at pre-application stage with the objective of delivering high quality development within the borough. 


Please use the online form below to submit your request.

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