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Street naming and numbering

Important information

Applicants with payment issues, please contact the team by email at [email protected]

We have a responsibility for street naming and allocation of numbers for all properties within the borough.

Apply for street naming and numbering

Street naming

Once planning permission for building a new development has been granted and building work has commenced, the developer should approach us to initiate the street naming and numbering process.

Developers should offer suggestions for street names which they would like considered. A process of consultation is then undertaken, including the agreement of the ward councillors.

In rare instances where none of the suggested names are acceptable, discussions take place with the developer to find an acceptable alternative.

Once the street name has been confirmed, house numbers will be allocated for the properties.

When allocating postal numbers, we consider ease of access, ensuring the property can be easily and quickly located, especially by the emergency services.

Each property is also allocated a UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) to help locate the precise property in future.

Details of the new street names and house numbers are then forwarded to all the emergency services and the Royal Mail. Royal Mail then completes the postal address by providing the postcode.

House naming

Although we don't recommend changing your property name because of the confusion it can cause with Royal Mail, utility suppliers and emergency services, occasionally circumstances mean it is requested. It is a common misconception this is the responsibility of the Royal Mail - in fact this responsibility also lies with the local authority.

If you wish to name or rename your property, or apply for any other street naming and numbering service, you will need to:

  1. complete an application for street naming and numbering (see downloads section below)
  2. provide a detailed 1:1250 scale location plan (showing letter boxes/front doors and floor plans where applicable)
  3. enclose appropriate payment, where required (see downloads section below)

We check the records to establish that there is no duplication with the proposed house name or number and we then confirm the new or amended address, notifying the Royal Mail, HM Land Registry and the emergency services of the addition or change.

You should be aware that if you wish to name a property that has already been allocated a postal number, that postal number must remain part of the official property address and cannot be dropped in favour of using the house name alone.

The full street naming and numbering process can take up to eight weeks to complete.

Apply for street naming and numbering


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