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High hedges

If you are affected by a neighbour's hedge you may want to make a complaint to us.

If you are being affected by someone else’s hedge, the best way to deal with the issue is to talk to them about it. It is in both your interests to try and sort things out. After all, you have to continue to live near each other and so it is better if you are on good terms.

Calling us in or going to court might make matters worse!

Our quick guide to making a complaint about someone's hedge can be downloaded below.

To help you deal with the situation, the Department of Communities and Local Government has produced leaflets to act as a guide to help you agree what is right for you and your neighbours and on how to complain to your council. The booklets are:

In the event that you fail to resolve the matter having carried out all the required steps set out in the booklets listed above,you may then wish to make a formal complaint. The relevant form is available to download below or by contacting us using the details provided.

General information on hedges and trees can be found our factsheet, available to download below.


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