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Luton Borough Council

Forest and woodland management

The council owns woodland in the Borough including Bluebell Wood, Hay Wood and Runley Wood on Dallow Downs. This land is looked after by Nature Conservation Staff.

The most important woods in Luton are Bramingham Wood and Slaughters Wood.  These are not owned by Luton Borough Council. 

However, the council’s Nature Conservation Service does manage the smaller woods such as Bluebell Wood, Hay Wood and Runley Wood on the Dallow Downs. These small woods in the Luton area are typical examples of Chiltern hilltop woods.

Luton’s woodland is important because of bluebell populations and a range of tree species.

The Nature Conservation staff do a certain amount of management work including coppicing, path clearing and routine maintenance.
Opening times for the John Dony Field Centre:-
Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4.45pm

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