Every year the Electoral Registration department has an obligation to carry out an annual canvass of all the properties within the borough of Luton, to maintain the Electoral Register and to make it as accurate as possible.

Household enquiry form (HEF)

The HEF is simply to capture information on who lives at the property to show who should and shouldn't be registered to vote - you can't register to vote using the HEF.

Complete your HEF form online

It is important to note:

  • The residents or owner of the premises must complete the form ensuring that all eligible people are listed. The form explains who is eligible to vote
  • The HEF is sent out addressed to the OCCUPIER and not to an individual. This form needs to be returned whether there are any changes or not
  • An eligible resident that is not listed will subsequently need to register to vote online at GOV.UK as well as responding to the property correspondence
  • As well as the HEF going out to each property, we also send out canvassers who are employed by us to gather this information for us where a property may not have responded to the HEF
  • Once we've received the HEF back into our offices and there is new information received, we will then send out registration forms (ITR) which are addressed to the individual. This must be completed and returned to us

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