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Annual canvass


Annual canvass

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Every year, we have a statutory duty to confirm the details currently held on the electoral register. This is known as the ‘annual household canvass’.

Electoral registration household canvass

We follow the process outlined by the Electoral Commission. The government changed the process in 2020. This means that the forms that you receive will look slightly different to those used in previous years.

We also now send our Canvass requests via email, if we have an email on the system. Emails will come from [email protected] and ask you to complete a form on the Register Securely website.

You will be asked to input two security codes and your postcode (that we do not include in the email, as an added security measure).

Please note

  • The forms are addressed to ‘The Occupier’ and not to an individual.
  • An eligible resident that added to a form will also need to register. They can do this by going online at or we will then post out registration forms addressed to the individual.

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Annual canvass frequently asked questions

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