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Youth Partnership Service

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Previously known as Luton Youth Offending Service, our vision was to create a single identity for our partnership of services and to create a structure to adapt to the fast changing contextual safeguarding needs of our children in our communities. 

Over time, there has been an evolution of our service as it has developed from a youth justice team, into a partnership of services and community organisations that place targeted early intervention at the forefront of our work with children. 

Nothing is more important than our children’s welfare and the service works with some of the most marginalised children in our communities. Consistently taking the views of children into account, we are committed to the idea that children who need help and protection deserve high quality and effective support and intervention. 

Our mission is to work together to empower, support and safeguard children and young people in Luton. 

Our priorities are to ensure Luton is a safe place to grow up, live and work in and to enable children and young people to make a positive contribution to their communities and achieve positive outcomes for themselves. 

The aims of the Youth Partnership Service are to reduce the risk of:

  • child criminal exploitation
  • first-time offending
  • re-offending and anti-social behaviour
  • reduce harm to children and young people
  • protect the public from harm

Through our statutory and early intervention, we aim to significantly improve the outcomes and opportunities for the children and young people in Luton. In addition, we work with high risk families where children are at risk of entering the local authority care system or where children in care are at risk of placement breakdown.

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