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Safeguarding Children Abused through Domestic Abuse

The issue of children living with domestic abuse is now recognised as a matter for concern in its own right by both government and key children’s services agencies.

The link between child physical abuse and domestic abuse is high, with estimates ranging between 30 to 66% depending upon the study and estimates of sexual abuse ranging from 10% to 30%. A 2002 Department of Health study identified three quarters of children subject of a child protection plan lived in households where domestic abuse occurred.
All the five key outcomes for children identified in Every Child Matters can be adversely affected for a child living with domestic abuse, abuse or neglect. Significant harm from the impact of domestic abuse and abuse of an individual child will vary according to the child’s resilience and the strengths and weaknesses of their particular circumstances.
The three central imperatives of any intervention for children living with domestic abuse are:

  • to protect the child/ren
  • to support the victims of domestic abuse to protect themselves and their child/ren
  • to hold the abusive partner accountable for their violence and provide them with opportunities to change.

Luton Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) has published a joint Protocol with Bedford Borough Safeguarding Children Board and Central Bedfordshire Safeguarding Children Board which outlines the responsibilities of professionals in relation to safeguarding children abused through domestic abuse.
The protocol and others can be accessed at Luton Safeguarding Children Board.

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