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JSNA infographic summary (May 2022)


JSNA summary infographic - click for larger viewClick the image for a larger version, or see below for text and downloadable PDF versions.

The infographic you can see above shows an overview and key facts from the JSNA 2022.

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Life expectancy

Life expectancy at birth is the average number of years a person can be expected to live from the date they are born.

  • For men in Luton this is 78.1 years, of which 57.4 years is lived in good health
  • For women in Luton this is 82.4 years, of which 60.2 years is lived in good health


Of all 1,789 deaths in Luton in 2020:

  • 35% were before their 75th birthday
  • 19.3% were accounted for by cancer
  • 16% were attributed to COVID-19
  • 9.8% were due to dementia
  • 9.4% were the result of a heart attack

Starting well

Children in Luton:

  • 85.7% received one dose of the MMR vaccination
  • 89.4% received one dose of the Dtap/IPV/Hib vaccination
  • 4.7% of full term live births in Luton have low birth weight
  • 36.8% of 5 year olds in Luton experience visually obvious dental decay
  • 19% of children aged under 16 in Luton are from low income families
  • 27% of year 6 children in Luton are classified as obese

Living well

Adults in Luton:

  • 57.7% are physically active
  • 16.8% are estimated to be current smokers
  • 70.7% are classified as overweight or obese
  • 5.8% of opiate users successfully completed drug treatment in Luton
  • 9.3% are not satisfied with their lives
  • 9.5% are unhappy

Ageing well

  • 39.9 of adult social care users aged 65 and over in Luton have as much social contact as they would like
  • 70.2% of those aged 65 and over in Luton that are estimated to have dementia received a timely diagnosis
  • Around 9% of under-75s in Luton died from CVD considered preventable
  • 68.6% of eligible women in Luton received breast cancer screening
  • 71.2% received screening for cervical cancer
  • 56.6% of eligible men and women in Luton received bowel cancer screening

Download this summary as a PDF

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