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Luton Borough Council

Council spend

​​​​Payments to suppliers

The local government transparency code 2015 was issued by Central Government to meet the government’s desire to place more power into citizens’ hands to increase democratic accountability.

The Local Government Transparency Code 2015 requires that Local Authorities publish details of their expenditure as a minimum on a quarterly basis.

Each month we publish details of all payments made to suppliers. The majority of these payments are shown exclusive of VAT. Where VAT cannot be recovered, the invoice total has been used.

Government Procurement Card spend

GPC payments are listed separately from our supplier payments and the files for these can also be found on this page.

What we can't share

Sometimes we can’t tell you everything for legal reasons. For example, we can’t publish:
  • pension and national insurance contributions
  • severance and compensation payments
  • items where the transaction can be linked to an individual
When information can't be shared with you, we will use the word 'redacted'.​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​
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