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Temporary events notice


For one off and smaller scale activities, a system of temporary event notices (TEN) has been introduced as a light touch system. This means that notice can be given to the licensing authority and the police by persons over the age of 18.

There are a number of conditions and limitations that TENs are subject to:

  • application: at least 10 full working days notice must be given of an event (excluding bank holidays) - please note: the first day the application is received is NOT classed as the first working day
  • duration: an event covered by a TEN can last for a maximum of 96 hours
  • separation: there must be 24 hours between each event covered by separate TENs
  • capacity: - a TEN can cover events with up to 499 people (including staff) attending - if more are expected, a premises licence will be required
  • totals: a premises cannot be covered by more than 12 individual TENs per year, or for more than 15 days in total per year
  • individuals: no individual may give more than 5 TENs in a single year unless they hold a personal licence, in which case they may give 50. This limit also applies to associated persons, for example, a husband and wife may only apply for 5 notices between them

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