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Club premises certificate

A club premises certificate authorises a members' club to carry out licensable activities.

Licensable activities include:

  • Sale or supply of alcohol to members or guests
  • Provision of regulated entertainment
  • Provision of hot food / drink at any time between 11pm and 5am

A club premises certificate brings with it considerable freedoms, the possibility of carrying out extra activities and the opening hours you and your community want.

Furthermore, the granting of a club premises certificate entitles a qualifying club to certain benefits:

  • Supply of alcohol to members and sale to guests without a need for any member or employee to hold a personal licence
  • No need to specify a Designated Premises Supervisor
  • More limited rights of entry for the police and authorised persons because premises are considered private and not generally open to the public
  • Nobody to receive any direct or indirect monetary benefit from supplying alcohol on behalf of the club to members or guests, unless the benefit is one for the whole

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