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Luton Borough Council

Busking in Luton Town Centre

Luton values the colour, interest and liveliness busking can add to its streets. We wish to preserve good relations between street performers, the local community and businesses. All buskers should register under the scheme before performing.

Following the code of practice will help performers get the best out of Luton and enable everyone to share the enjoyment provided.


The permit allows a performer to busk on the town centre premises licences, on the condition that the terms of the code of practice are followed. Although this allows you to perform without applying for your own licence, it does not exempt you from any fees or royalties owing to the Performing Right Society or PPL:UK (Phonographic Performance Limited) for use of music. Participants are responsible for their own compliance with regulations.


On occasions, particularly for people living or working in the centre, busking may be intrusive, annoying or disturbing. As a result both the Council and the Police receive complaints about the volume and sometimes the nature of busking and street entertainment and about obstruction to the highway caused by gathering crowds. Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (as amended) noise in the street may be a statutory nuisance. We have a duty to abate noise nuisances and prohibit their recurrence. If you wish to make a complaint about buskers in Luton or would like to discuss issues relating to buskers, please telephone Luton (01582 547459) during office hours. If you have a noise complaint specifically, please contact the Environmental Protection Team on 510330.

For further information or to apply for a permit please click on the downloads below. Please note, there is a different document for Luton charity or promotional busking.

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