If you wish to place building materials on any part of the highway a permit is required from this authority.

All materials must be placed on private land whenever possible. If you wish to place building materials on the public road, verge or pavement a licence is required from this authority.

Do I need a licence?

All requests for temporarily occupying the public highway for the purpose of temporary storage of materials including porta cabins and huts will require approval from Luton Council as the highway authority.

What are the conditions of the licence?
A single licence allows for the storage of materials, not exceeding 3 metres in length, 1.5 metres in width and 1.0 metre in height. Please consult this office if larger quantities are involved.
Materials placed in, or partly on, the road require signing and guarding around the storage area. Advice will be given on request if required.
During the hours of darkness, in poor daytime visibility and bad weather, road danger lamps (flashing amber) must be placed to indicate the area of the site. If sited in the carriageway, a lamp should be placed between each cone.

How do I apply?
Please email streetworks@luton.gov.uk to request an applictaion form. It usually takes 10 working days to process an application. Approval will be granted in the form of a licence issued in accordance with the Highways Act 1980.

What does it cost?
£62 for 28 days or part thereof.  If this authority's contractors are called out to lamp the site or make it safe, a charge will follow.

What information/documents do I need to provide?
Completed application form
Contact info
Street works
Luton Council, Central Depot, Kingsway, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU4 8EJ
Tel: 01582 510333

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