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Help with online Council Tax and benefits services


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We provide a secure online service that enables you to manage some of your interactions with us. This includes your Council Tax account and applying for benefits.

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When registering for online services, please use your email address as your user name. Once you have successfully registered you can then activate your Council Tax and any benefit services.

For housing benefit and council tax reduction, only the main claimant can register for this service.

If the council tax account is in more than one name, each person wishing to access their council tax account will need to register in order to view their information.

Please make sure you enter your name and account/reference number as shown on our correspondence to you.

If the details are wrong you can still register using details on the correspondence, but please let us know what the correct details are so we can update our systems.

You will need to answer a number of questions in order to activate your services.

Email address

You'll need an email address that you can access to register and activate services. If you don't have an email address, you can set one up with one of the popular and free email providers.

Find out how to set up an email address.

Creating an account allows you securely access services to:

  • Manage your Council Tax account
  • Apply for and view Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction

After creating an account, the following services will be available to you.

Council Tax

  • View details of your council tax account
  • Check balances and instalments
  • Check discounts or exemptions
  • Set up a direct debit to pay your council tax
  • Amend your direct debit bank account details
  • Make payments

You will need your Council Tax account number. This appears on the top right hand side of your bill.

Council Tax Reduction

  • Check the details of your benefit claim
  • Check Council Tax Reduction entitlement

Council Tax benefit has been replaced by Council Tax Reduction. The amount awarded is shown under 'Support' in the details of billing periods section.

Housing benefit

  • Make an application
  • View details of your benefit claim
  • Check when next Housing Benefit payment is due
  • Check the make up of the household
  • Check any overpayments outstanding

If you've been placed in temporary accommodation outside the borough by our Homeless team, we'll pay for your Housing Benefit, but you will need to apply to the local authority covering the area you have been placed for Council Tax Reduction.

Please note the level of Council Tax Reduction is different in each area so may differ from the entitlement shown on our online form.

The benefit summary will show you the weekly award of Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction.

Details of household

In details of household you'll be able to see all the members of the household you've told us about and their income if applicable.

If these calculations or details are wrong you can complete this form to report an error or a change in circumstances. Please supply your contact telephone number, including area code where applicable, and email address, so that we can contact you if we need to.


In next payment you will be able to see the next amount due to be paid and for what period. Please note if we are making a deduction for an overpayment of housing benefit, this will be deducted and the amount we will pay you is shown in the amount you receive. You are responsible for paying the difference to make up your rent.

Invoices outstanding shows the invoices for overpayments. This section will also show cleared and zero balance invoices.

To login, you will need to use your user name (this is usually your email address) and the same password you entered when you created your account. You may be asked to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your password, select ‘I’ve forgot my password’ to reset it.

If you've forgotten your user name (usually your email address) or no longer have access to it you will have to re-register using a different user name (email address). Please click on the ‘Register Now’ button to re-register.

If you are still having problems registering or logging in please contact [email protected]

Before you can view your Council Tax records you will need to have received a Council Tax bill from us.

If you haven't told us you're a new resident liable for Council Tax, you can do this online. We'll update our records and send you a bill.

Tell us that you've moved to Luton

Find out about other local services and information when moving to Luton.

If you don't already have an email address, the links below take to you to some of the most commonly used, free email providers.

You will need to create a username and password. These must be kept safe because you will be unable to access your email account without them.

If you still need support with accessing online services, please contact [email protected]

Please note: general, service specific enquiries or requests not related to accessing online services may not receive a response.

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