Cookies in use across the council website - Luton Council

Below is a list of the different cookies that are in use across the council website.

​Name ​Category ​​Impact of blocking ​Expires
__utma; __utmb; __utmc; _utmv; 
​Site will continue to work ​TBC
​Videos on the site may not wok ​TBC
​Font Functionality ​​Site will render in one font-size only ​TBC
​Unable to log in to system
ASP.NET_SessionId; ASPSESSIONIDxxxxxx​​ ​Maps will not display correctly ​TBC
Survey name Functionality ​User will be told their browser is set to disable cookies and they must be enabled before they can save survey data. ​1 year
SURVEY Functionality ​Will not function so the user can submit multiple responses. ​Survey creator specifies this when publishing.​
JSESSIONID Functionality ​Session deleted when browser is closed​
CAPITA ​Session deleted when browser is closed​
Civica ICON​​ ​Session deleted when browser is closed​
Civica Parking
​Needs to store the session ID of the current user. Would not work if this was blocked. ​All cookies expire at the end of session​
For more information on our cookies categorisation please visit how we categorise cookies​​​​​​​​
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