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24/12/2020 - No one should be sleeping rough this Christmas says Luton Council


Luton Council has been working with its partners to ensure that no one is sleeping rough on the streets of Luton this Christmas.

Anyone who does not have a place to stay is offered accommodation from the Rough Sleeping Outreach team who are out early in the morning to find those who have nowhere to go.

There is no reason for anyone to be on the streets at this time and those who are homeless are referred to the Noah Welfare Centre, 141 Park Street, Luton, so that they can get food, support and access to volunteering, training and work. People who are rough sleeping should be encouraged to attend in person but the telephone number is 01582 728146 if needed.

The council has an excellent support network for people sleeping rough who need to register with a GP or need a visit from a drug and alcohol worker; as well as a specialist mental health nurse.

For people rough sleeping in Luton who have come from other areas, the council will arrange transfer of care and transport back to where they travelled from. People sleeping rough from other European countries are offered reconnection back to their home country.

The council works closely with specialist accommodation providers to help people sleeping rough secure supported accommodation and have ‘move on’ arrangements when people are ready to move out.

Anyone rough sleeping evicted, abandoned or resettled from the Homeless Partnership pathway will be offered alternative accommodation on a case-by-case basis.

During lockdown or when the temperature is below zero, every person rough sleeping will receive an offer of accommodation.

Unfortunately, some people will always refuse offers of accommodation, even in freezing temperatures. Safeguarding Vulnerable Adult referrals will be made in these circumstances.

Councillor Tom Shaw, Portfolio Holder for Housing, said: “we have the arrangements in place to ensure that no one should be sleeping rough this Christmas and we do not want anyone to be left to suffer in the cold.

“If you see anybody who appears to be in need please make contact with StreetLink so that we can ensure that they receive the advice, support and assistance that they need.”

If members of the public are concerned about anyone sleeping rough, they can contact the national 24 hour rough sleeping referral line StreetLink on 0300 500 0914 or online at StreetLink website.

Client appointments at the Noah Centre are available as follows:

  • 24 December 2020: 9am to 4pm
  • 25 December 2020: takeaway and delivery dinners only
  • 26 to 28 December 2020: 9am to 2pm
  • 29 to 31 December 2020: 9am to 4pm
  • 1 to 2 January 2021: 9am to 2pm
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