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Luton Borough Council

19/05/2021 - Update on our airport expansion proposals


Statement from London Luton Airport Ltd (LLAL)

To date, we have conducted two public consultations on our proposals. The second of these was a statutory consultation which took place in autumn 2019 and sought feedback on how we proposed to deliver a second terminal and associated infrastructure to deliver growth from the airport’s current permitted capacity of 18 million passengers per annum (mppa) to 32 mppa by 2041. 

As previously announced here, since then we have been considering very closely and seriously the feedback we received. We heard in particular a clear message that people want us to go even further to mitigate environmental issues, including noise, air quality and climate change.

We are currently continuing to invest more time to take a fresh look at every aspect of sustainability and the impacts of running an airport. This includes developing an innovative and ground-breaking initiative to ensure that all future growth at Luton can be green growth. 

Our approach will set out a path for meeting our ambition to become the UK’s most sustainable as well as its number one community airport owner.

It will also help us meet the challenge of responding to other ongoing changing circumstances, supporting essential recovery from the impacts of coronavirus and building back better.

We are an airport owner entirely focused on supporting and improving people’s lives, and driving economic and employment growth, both in Luton and neighbouring communities. We see it as vital that we continue to plan for how prudent investment in our stewardship of the airport can continue to benefit future generations.

We remain committed to engaging with our communities, and intend to undertake a further period of consultation before submitting our application to the government for a Development Consent Order.
Details will be widely announced in due course.
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