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Luton Borough Council

12/11/2021 - Stirling's sterling work recognised

Council employee, Duncan Stirling, a Charge Hand in Street Cleansing, was one of the winners at last week’s Luton and Bedfordshire Community Awards.

Duncan who has been with the council 17 years, picked up the ‘Service With a Smile’ award.

After 20 months of Covid, this year’s ceremony was particularly poignant, as inspiring stories of “unsung heroes” were revealed shared and celebrated. The awards shine a spotlight on the many people people who make the lives of others easier, happier and more fulfilled.

Duncan liaises closely with the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) initiative, which encourages residents to take pride in their neighbourhoods and organise events such as litter-picks and vegetation clearance.

This sort of work results in large amounts of litter and other rubbish that has to be dealt with, and that is where Duncan comes in. He is ABCD’s contact point with the council and makes prompt arrangements for any refuse to be quickly and efficiently disposed of.

“He is truly a role model and demonstrates the spirit of partnership,” said an ABCD spokesperson. 

Commenting on Duncan’s well-deserved recognition, Chief Executive Robin Porter, said: “That was a joy for me to hear, and I want to add my congratulations to the praises that Duncan has already, quite rightly, received.

“Our Luton 2040 ambition is to create a town that our citizens can be proud of: one where people want to live, work and learn and outside organisations will be keen to invest in. Efforts such as Duncan’s are a key ingredient of that success.”

Duncan’s award was one of many at this prestigious event. Teachers, faith leaders, fundraisers, health professionals and many others were praised for their outstanding contribution to the life of Luton and the wider Bedfordshire Community.

Mostaque Koyes, founder of the Luton & Bedfordshire Community Awards, paid tribute to the winners.

“Through the challenges and adversity of the past 18 months have emerged heroes, people from our communities that have shown love, care and compassion,” said Mostaque.

“We are proud that, with these Awards, we have been able to share these inspiring stories. I want to congratulate all those that were recognised on the evening by the judges. 

“I also want to thank all those that made the awards possible, including our sponsors. They enabled us to tell these stories of ordinary people performing acts of extraordinary kindness.
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