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Luton Borough Council

04/11/2020 - Stay at home - protect your family - protect Luton

An important message from Hazel Simmons, MBE, Leader of the council and Lucy Hubber Director of Public Health (interim).

At the end of last week we explained that Luton was just about to go into the government’s ‘high alert’ level due to the dramatic increase in the number of cases in the town.

As you are probably aware the fast-changing situation has once more altered and the whole country is now set to enter into tighter restrictions with tough new rules from 12.01am this coming Thursday.

Until then, the restrictions we outlined then will remain in place as we continue to fight this dreadful disease that is now affecting so many people in our town, causing an alarming rise in hospital cases, and tragically, has resulted in some deaths of people in our community recently.

We can get through this but we need everyone to play their part and follow these new government rules that state you must stay at home and only go out: 
  • ​for education or work (if you can’t work from home)
  • to exercise or for recreation outdoors
  • to shop for food and essentials
  • for medical reasons, appointments or to escape injury and harm
  • to provide care for vulnerable people, or as a volunteer
Support and childcare bubbles still apply. See the detailed rules and exceptions on our website.  

More than ever, once again, we all need to rely upon our amazing community to pull together and follow the guidance in order to protect those we love. Once more, we are sure we will rise to this challenge and refuse to be overwhelmed by Covid and its terrifying consequences.

From 12.01 on Thursday we will all be asked to stick to the following rules:

Meeting people you don’t live with
We cannot do this either indoors or in private gardens (unless they are part of our support bubble). If we go for exercise or recreation outdoors, we can meet with one person we don't live with.

Restaurants and pubs will close
Although takeaways and deliveries will still be permitted.

Premises will be closed
All non-essential retail, leisure, hair/beauty and entertainment premises will close.

Recreation and exercise are important for our wellbeing so where this can be done safely outside it is important to do this. 

Places of worship
These locations will close except for funerals, to broadcast acts of worship, individual prayer or for childcare/essential voluntary or community activity.

All non-essential travel must be avoided. Overnight stays and holidays will not be allowed.

Furlough scheme
The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme – also known as the furlough scheme – will remain open until December, with employees receiving 80% of their current salary for hours not worked, up to a maximum of £2,500. 
It will operate as the previous scheme did, with businesses being paid upfront to cover wages costs.

Clinically extremely vulnerable residents
Clinically extremely vulnerable residents have been written to. If you have been contacted because you fall into this category and need support call the Covid-19 Community Team on 01582 548955 (9am-5pm weekdays, except Wednesday 10-5).

Support available
The thought of a tightening of restrictions will be upsetting and challenging for many of us. If you are worried about your physical or emotional health, please talk to someone. There are many organisations that offer help and support that will be happy to help. 

Luton is an amazing town and throughout this crisis we have shown time and time again that we have the ability to face and overcome the challenges. We are sure this anticipated month long period of restrictions will be no different as long as we remain united and do all we can to protect ourselves, those we love and the wider community.
Hazel Simmons MBE, Leader Luton Council
Lucy Hubber, Director of Public Health (Interim)
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