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Luton Borough Council

08/02/2022 - Statutory consultation opens on proposed expansion of London Luton Airport

Luton Rising, the owner of London Luton Airport, has opened a new statutory consultation on  its long-term proposals to expand the airport.

The proposal is to increase the capacity of the airport to 32 million passengers per year, by building a new terminal and making the best use of the existing runway.

Its website has details of the 13 public events – where members of the public can see the proposals and ask questions, as well as films, information packs and a special virtual exhibition room. Responses to the consultation can also be submitted online.

This video summarises Luton Rising’s proposals, sets out the case for growth and outlines how it proposes to minimise impacts. 

Councillor Javeria Hussain, Chair of Luton Rising, said: “Our proposals reflect the sustainability values, both of Luton Rising, and our sole shareholder, Luton Council. We want to maximise the social and economic benefits of growth and firmly believe there is a way to grow an airport in a sustainably responsible way. 

"Our consultation sets out how we propose to achieve this. Sustainability is about more than environmental issues – it’s social and economic impacts too. Our airport is a vital part of the economic ecosystem of the region and beyond, directly and indirectly supporting tens of thousands of jobs. 

"The proposed expansion will generate thousands more jobs and an extra £1 billion in economic activity in Luton and the neighbouring counties. We want more local people to be able to access these jobs, so our proposals also include an extensive Draft Employment and Training Strategy to make that possible.

“Our airport is the most socially impactful in the UK. Since 1998, we have contributed £257 million to support frontline services, and since 2002, we have contributed £155 million to support local community organisations and charities – 20x per passenger more than any other UK airport. 

"These organisations help make life-transforming changes for people, and our proposals include the new Community First fund, which will allow for much greater support of community projects in Luton and the neighbouring counties impacted by our airport’s operations.”

Graham Olver, Chief Executive of Luton Rising said, “These proposals differ in significant ways from those presented at the previous statutory consultation in 2019. For example, our new Green Controlled Growth framework is at the heart of our sustainability measures, which we believe are some of the most far-reaching ever put forward by a UK airport. It places robust limits on key environmental impacts and will not rely on our good faith to keep to them. They will be legally binding and independently monitored. 

“We would encourage as many people as possible to take a look at these proposals, and to give us your feedback on them. The views expressed at the 2019 consultation were an important influence on the changes we have made since then. This is the chance to have your say on our new plans and help us to improve them even further.”
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