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Luton Borough Council

20/12/2022 - Private Rented Sector Licensing Consultation

Luton Council is committed to improving the quality of privately rented residential accommodation in the town.

To that end we are consulting on a proposal to introduce a Selective Licensing Scheme which will require all properties used as residential accommodation let by private landlords to a single household, within the whole of South ward (the designated area) to have the appropriate licence.

A further consultation has been opened around a proposal to introduce an additional House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licensing Scheme, which would require smaller houses in multiple occupation (occupied by three or four people) across the whole town to be licensed. (HMOs occupied by five or more people are already required to be licensed by the Housing Act 2004).

For further information on the proposals please go to the Licensing Consultation

Before making a decision on this, the Council wants to hear your views about the proposal and any alternatives you feel we could consider. We would specifically like to hear from private tenants, landlords, letting and managing agents, residents and businesses or organisations operating in Luton and surrounding areas.

If you are a private tenant and are interested in participating in a group looking at issues related the private rented sector, please e-mail us at [email protected] using the subject heading Private Sector Housing Tenants Group.

Councillor Tom Shaw, portfolio holder for housing, said: “These proposals are intended to improve the quality of rented accommodation for tenants throughout the town.
“If implemented these measures will expect landlords to ensure the quality of the accommodation they offer if they wish to carry on renting out their properties. Other parts of the country that have introduced this type of selective licensing have experienced improvements in neighbourhoods, which have enhanced the quality of life for all residents and we anticipate the same happening here in Luton.”

Please visit our webpages for tenant and landlord advice, including new legislation: Home owners, landlords and private tenants.
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