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11/05/2021 - New improved offer for foster carers in Luton

Luton Council has launched an exciting new offer for foster carers in time for Foster Care Fortnight (10 to 23 May) this year.

​In the UK, a child comes into care in need of a foster family every 20 minutes. In Luton, new foster families are needed every year to care for children, with the greatest need being for foster carers for teenagers, sibling groups and disabled children.

After an extensive review of the existing remuneration package along with foster carer feedback, our Fostering Service has crafted a competitive new package for foster carers which includes:

  • allowances to cover the foster child / young person’s cost (ranging from £160 to £240 per week) 
  • foster carer’s fee (ranging from £130 to £230 per week) 
  • additional budget for birthdays (£100 to £150); festivals/occasions (£100 to £400); school uniform (£125 to £250) and holidays
  • a range of additional therapeutic support to assist carers in their fostering roles with children and young people 
  • a wide range of training opportunities 
  •  membership of the Fostering Network

Foster carers also enjoy a wide range of benefits and rewards with access to MOT discounts, Vauxhall Partner offers, Kaarp employee discount scheme, Arriva travel club, Annual rail ticket concession and Active Luton membership rebate. They also have access to counselling and personal support.

Our foster carers come from all backgrounds and bring a wide range of life and work experiences. We support our foster carers to provide stability, a safe place and a nurturing environment in which our children and young people can grow and thrive.

Foster carers are assigned a social worker to help them on their fostering journey and receive training to help them develop the skills needed to nurture children who are placed in their care.

Additionally, in the last year, the Luton Foster Carers Association was set up and is run by our foster carers to provide support for all carers and the children they look after.

Debra Heather along with her husband Sean has been fostering with us for over a decade and is the head of Luton Foster Carers Association. She shared what fostering means to her and what it has brought to their lives: “At first it can be a struggle, but you know you’re making progress when you realise your cuddles to give reassurance and to show you care have turned into cuddles that they have initiated themselves for affection.

“I am reminded of many proud moments of seeing sad faces turn into big cheeky smiles, especially after learning to ride a bike, swimming the width of a swimming pool or receiving an award at school.  Then there were magical moments of watching our two foster boys huddle together with our son whispering and giggling, or even squabbling, we knew we didn’t just have one son we had three. That’s why we care.”

Despite the trauma experienced by children coming into care and their difficult start to life, good foster care can help to transform their lives and enable them to flourish. Besides offering children safety and security during an uncertain time, fostering plays a big part in supporting them to maintain links with their birth family.

Whether you work or are at home, have children or not, we will support you to grow professionally to be the best foster carer that you can be.

Councillor Mahmood Hussain, portfolio holder for children and families said: “Many of us will need help from others at some time in our lives and the past year has shown us this more than ever before. Luton has children and young people in care who have reached that point in their lives and need help from you.

"We urgently need more of you to foster for Luton. I would encourage you to take the next step, find out more about our exciting Luton ‘offer’ to foster carers and how you can make a real difference to a child or young person’s life.”

Join one of our online information events that occur every month to hear about the benefits fostering can bring to you and your family as well as clarify any doubts or apprehensions you may have about becoming a foster carer.

To find out about our forthcoming events, visit

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