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Luton Borough Council

11/09/2020 - Luton Learning Link donates digital devices to Luton schools

On Wednesday 9 September, Luton Learning Link delivered their second phase of digital devices to 7 schools across Luton, thanks to support from the Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation.

​Luton Learning Link is a group backed by the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Level Trust, Luton Council of Mosques, Luton Council of Sunni Mosques, Luton Education Service and We Are Luton. They have now provided over 300 digital devices to local young people and children who had limited or no access to technology.
When delivering the devices, the High Sheriff of Bedfordshire, Susan Lousada, Jane Malcolm of Level Trust and Rehana Faisal had the opportunity to speak to the teachers and pastoral teams to understand the needs of the schools and children. Many of the schools explained that using a digital device was vital to a child’s learning both in and out of the classroom. 
Daniel Conner of Challney High School for Boys, commented: "With a shift in the current curriculum, depriving a child of a digital device is like depriving them of an exercise book or pen and paper.’
As the new academic year begins, Luton Learning Link will continue bridging the digital divide by supplying schools with devices in a bid to eradicate digital poverty.
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