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05/11/2021 - Luton Fairness Task Force: Could you help create the force for change?

The goal of a town built on fairness is at the heart of the Luton 2040 vision and strategy.

To deliver on the Luton 2040 vision, the voice of our community needs to be heard and understood.

The Luton Fairness Task Force will be a key forum where this can happen.
This citizens’ think tank has the key aim of targeting issues which remain a barrier to fairness for everyone in our town.

It will look to harness the huge asset of our diverse community, together with the voluntary and community groups and organisations who work on their behalf. It will enable system change, seek shared solutions and identify resources to make these solutions happen through a thriving Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) working together with public and private sector partners.

On November 17, from 9.30 to 2pm at Venue Central, we will be holding a special launch event to welcome members of our community together to start building this force for change.

Cllr Hazel Simmons, Leader of the Council and Portfolio Holder for Social Justice, said: “We know that the goal of a town built on fairness is close to the hearts of Luton’s residents. That is why it is one of the key foundations for our 2040 vision for Luton.

"The council and its partners across the town are already working towards a brighter future for all – by aiming to make Luton a place where everyone can thrive and no one has to live in poverty through the Luton 2040 programme.

“But, if we want to make a real and lasting difference, we know we must find more and better ways to ensure the voice and experience of local people are heard, understood, and reflected in all the work we do. To do this, we need to involve our community at every step.

“Over the coming months, our community-led Task Force will seek to understand our challenges and develop solutions from this perspective - so we can tackle inequality by addressing the key themes of Luton 2040 together: making an inclusive economy for all, creating a child friendly town, improving health and wellbeing across our community, and tackling the climate emergency.

“We hope you can join us at this exciting event and on this important journey for helping to shape the future of our town.”

The morning session on the 17th November will be focussed on listening to the voice in the room and offering a first opportunity for anyone committed to building a town based on fairness to help co-construct the Task Force agenda and put the programme together.

After lunch, there will be an opportunity for VCS colleagues to hear more about a new £1.5m funding programme to support our community in COVID recovery through collaborative solutions to address social inequality in the town. Any interested attendees are very welcome to stay for this session.

Sign up to help shape and drive forward change in Luton

You can also register or simply find more information about the event by emailing the Social Justice Unit at Luton Council [email protected].
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