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This Foster Care Fortnight (11 to 24 May), we want to thank all our foster carers for the wonderful job they do to take care of Luton’s children and young people in care.

​Cllr Mahmood Hussain, portfolio holder for children and families said: “We are immensely grateful to all our foster carers who do a fantastic job of supporting children and young people through a difficult phase in their lives. Whether you offer short-term or long-term fostering, look after mum and baby or teenagers, are a respite or contract carer, thank you for your service.
“This unprecedented situation we all find ourselves in, is tough for everyone. However, our children in care are impacted more than most. We have 310 children in care in Luton and some of them are waiting for loving homes and families to bring hope and security during a very uncertain time.
“Now more than ever, we need foster carers to open their homes and hearts to provide safe and nurturing places for children and young people. I urge you to consider if you can foster for Luton Council.”
Children come into care for a variety of reasons. Foster carers give children and young people the opportunity to experience a positive and rewarding family life and to thrive and reach their full potential.
Debra and Sean have been fostering with Luton Council for 15 years. The boys came to live with them in 2005 and have received all the love and attention they needed.
Debra said: “Our three boys couldn't be less alike. David, 21, is quieter, more thoughtful, while 18 year old Connor is placid and relaxed. At 17, Steven is our cheeky chappie, the clown of my trio, who keeps us all laughing and on our toes.
"But the biggest difference between them is that Connor is our only biological child. Because although I call David and Steven my children and treat them exactly the same as Connor, my husband Sean and I are their foster parents.”
Two years into the placement Debra and Sean became long term foster carers for the boys and since then, the siblings have been part of every family holiday abroad and were embraced by both sides of the families.
Debra continues: “We laugh, argue, joke and disagree like everyone else. We’ve had the behaviour issues, the lies, the challenges, but social services have always been there to support us. The boys are family and we get through every challenge together as a family.
“David has moved on into Independent living and is very happy and we see him often.  Steven, now 17, is doing the Public Services Diploma level 3 and hoping to go into some form of Public Services next year. Our own son is now 18 and working full time as a Commissioning Engineer, he still views the boys as his brothers.”
If you have a spare room and think you can offer love, kindness and support to children and young people in care, please call us right away on 01582 547 569, or visit our website for more information. We offer competitive allowances, training and will support you every step of the way.
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