Health and Wellbeing Board invites residents' input to discuss Covid 19 concerns - Luton Council

Luton Council is planning a special meeting in early June to address the health and wellbeing concerns felt by many across the town as a result of the Covid 19 emergency.

​The meeting will seek to address worries people have and begin to propose a way forward to deal with them.

Some of the fears and concerns expressed already include:
  • the apparent disproportionate impacts of Covid 19 on specific groups within the community
  • how the crisis is impacting  mental health amongst residents
  • the availability and accessibility of culturally appropriate bereavement services
Whilst work has already taken place to consider and respond to these concerns, the council recognises the importance of initiating a wider public conversation with residents about the issues.
We are inviting feedback and questions from residents and organisations on the above issues or any other health and wellbeing concern related to Covid 19 and the current crisis.
Questions and feedback should be emailed to They will be grouped into themes by the council’s Public Health and Wellbeing team in readiness for the meeting. The deadline for submissions is Friday 22 May. 
The health and wellbeing board is uniquely positioned to bring together organisations with key responsibilities for commissioning and delivering health services. Together with representatives of the local community they will work together to tackle the key health issues facing the town at this time.
Hazel Simmons MBE, Leader of Luton Council and Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “In these desperate times it is vitally important that we fully understand everyone’s views on how the Covid 19 emergency is affecting their health and wellbeing, so we can quickly and accurately begin to address them. The Health and Wellbeing Board is set up to collect and act upon concerns many have and this special meeting will be pivotal in guiding us so we can best serve all communities in Luton.”
Up to 200 members of the public will be able to attend the virtual meeting and listen to the responses and discussion, which will also be recorded and made available on the council’s website. More details will be announced on this as soon as the meeting details are confirmed.
The council will also publish a written summary of the meeting, including questions, answers, issues raised and any recommendations or resolutions decided upon. 
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