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Luton Borough Council

18/01/2021 - Council urges community to come forward for regular Covid-19 testing

With weekly Covid-19 rates in Luton nearing 1,000 people per 100,000 Luton Council is strongly urging those who live, work and study in Luton to take a regular rapid test if they are not displaying any symptoms.

Up to one in three people with Covid-19 are asymptomatic, so without mass testing, many people could be unknowingly passing the virus onto vulnerable people in the community.

Testing remains one of the best weapons against the disease as it enables people to self-isolate and break the transmission of the virus which can be deadly for many people.

However, with testing numbers declining over the last week, the council is concerned that there are people with the virus who are going to work, caring for loved ones or coming into contact with people at the supermarket.

Luton has three ‘walk-up’ testing centres in Luton which are open 8am - 8pm, seven days a week:
  • ​Lewsey Community Centre, Landrace Road, LU4 0SW
  • Farley Community Centre, Delphine Close, LU1 5RE
  • Luton Central Library, St George’s Square, LU1 2NG
The centres work on the basis that make it easy and quick to get a test, it takes less than 15 minutes to self- administer the test and results will be sent within 45 minutes by text or email.

There is no need to book and the centres are extremely safe with social distancing measures in place at all times.
The council wants people to get a regular weekly test, especially if they are the person within the household that has to go out for:
  • ​work, if they can’t work from home
  • essential shopping
  • caring/volunteering duties
Cllr Khtija Malik, Portfolio Holder Public Health and Commissioning,  said: “It is believed that one in three people who have the virus will not have any symptoms (asymptomatic), but they can still pass it to others. This is why rapid testing is so vital, it’s given us another very useful tool in our wider testing strategy to ensure that we keep positive cases out of circulation.

"Before we introduced rapid testing, we would not have been able to identify those individuals that are positive without symptoms and with the new variant being 50-70 per cent more contagious that's been really important.

"I must stress, if people do have to leave home that rapid testing becomes part of a weekly routine. This will help to protect our families, friends and the community and save lives."

Anyone with symptoms of Covid-19 should not attend a rapid test centre. They should book a standard Covid-19 test online at or by calling 119.
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