Council says thanks to Luton residents after first days of tidy tip reopening - Luton Council

The site at Eaton Green Road has been extremely busy since the doors opened at 9.00am Monday morning (11 May), with residents getting the message about the social distancing measures the council had introduced.

Despite people adhering to the rules, the council is still urging them to consider carefully whether their visit is to dispose of materials that can’t be stored safely at home. Capacity is limited, fewer people can enter the site at a time, and social distancing measures are in place to protect the health of residents as well as staff.

Councillor Tom Shaw, portfolio holder responsible for waste and recycling at Luton Council, said: “Our site contractors, FCC and council staff have worked hard to get the site open and we knew this week would be busy with people bringing in their waste. Traffic queues of over 2 hrs have built up but residents have played their part by bringing their proof of ID and sticking to the revised site layouts.

“In order to reduce the queuing time though, I’m asking people to please pre-sort their waste before they arrive to avoid the time spent dumping the waste and be organised once there and unload quickly. I’d also like to ask people to consider whether they can wait a few days or longer before visiting the tip”.

The Eaton Green Rd tip is open between 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week. Once we are confident we can operate revised measures effectively at the site, we will reopen the Progress Way site too and this could be by the end of the month.

There are other ways to dispose of waste including kerbside, using the council’s bulky waste collection service, one of the 21 bottle bank sites across Luton or simply try to avoid generating waste in the first place.

Details on opening hours, social distancing and safety rules and how to dispose of extra waste are all on the website.

The council advice is:
  • Do not visit unless you absolutely have to. Residents should only bring waste that cannot be stored safely without causing risk of injury or harm to health or cannot be disposed of through kerbside collection services (which have been operating throughout the current crisis). This may vary from household to household, so residents will need to judge for themselves.
  • Only Luton residents will be allowed to use the site and ID with proof of address is needed.
  • A maximum of 5 cars will be allowed onto the site at any one time, with a strict one in one out policy so people should move as quickly and safely as they can to dump their waste.
  • Measures have been put in place to provide traffic management on the highway and on the site, however any trip to the site will be subject to long delays as social distancing measures reduces traffic throughput at the tidy tip.
  • There are regular updates on queue delays on social media and on digital signs on roads leading to the site.
  • To keep staff and visitors to the sites safe, social distancing measures are in place and must be strictly observed.​​​
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