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Luton Borough Council

09/09/2020 - Council launches fully accessible website

Luton Council’s website has recently been upgraded in order to comply with new accessibility requirements for public sector organisations.

​The new legislation comes into force on 23 September.
The council provides 244 services under 13 categories, over more than 3,000 pages on our public website and received almost five million page views over the last 12 months
The new web site embraces the look and behaviour of the version used on tablets and smartphones, accounting for over 60% of access to the council website.

It now incorporates improvements that meet international accessibility standards aimed at improving access for anyone who lives with visual, mobility, hearing, or readability impairments. The updated website allows wider access to council services. This is really important – not simply as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic when the website has been the major means of interacting with the council – but will be increasingly valuable as we continue to reflect residents’ preferences for online interaction.
The contents of the website will not be changing, so regular visitors will still be able to easily access the same information and services where they normally find them.
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