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Luton Borough Council

21/02/2020 - Council holds forum to seek people’s views on tackling Climate Change

Luton Council held a Climate Change Forum last week with a focus on the actions being taken to move Luton to zero carbon by 2040, ten years ahead of the Government’s target year of 2050.

Attendees heard from a range of climate change experts about current energy-related emissions both at the council and across the whole town, about what a green economy looks like and tackling climate change as an opportunity to improve people’s health. The need to work towards an environmentally responsible airport was also discussed. There was also focus on the council’s number one priority, eradicating poverty within Luton by 2040 and how tackling climate change is linked to the challenges of lifting residents out of this.

The actions the council is undertaking or planning to undertake to achieve its aims were explored; including using more renewable energy sources, increasing low-carbon energy supplies such as the use of solar panels and energy storage technology, increasing public and active transport such as walking and cycling and ‘greening’ the borough through wild flower and tree planting. Also under discussion was the need to reduce the amount of waste the town generates.

Cllr Tom Shaw, Chair of Luton’s cross-party climate change board, said: “The Climate Change Forum has been a great opportunity for people from all parts of the community to come together to start the discussion about how to reduce Luton’s carbon emissions to net zero.

“Climate Change is a huge challenge facing Luton and as a council we have a responsibility to lead by example. If we are to change behaviour and encourage the move to a carbon neutral future, it requires action from each and every one of us. Now is the time for individuals, businesses, community groups and the council to work together to move Luton to zero carbon by 2040.”

If you were unable to attend the Climate Change Forum you can still have your say and contribute any ideas you may have by visiting Luton - Let's Talk.​
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