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22/12/2020 - Community groups in Luton share in £92,531 funding


​Together with the Local Community Led Local Development (CLLD) committee, we're delighted to announce the successful applicants of the 2020 CLLD Small Grants Programme, as part of the  European Social Fund.

Applications were invited for up to £5,000 in funding from the European Union from groups operating in the following wards: 
  • Biscot
  • Crawley
  • Dallow
  • Farley
  • High Town
  • Leagrave
  • Lewsey
  • Northwell
  • Round Green
  • South
  • Sundon Park
Twenty six organisations have been awarded grants of up to £5,000 with a total of £92,531 being awarded.

During the coronavirus pandemic, community groups have been more important than ever with many making incredible contributions to their neighbourhoods and addressing the needs of those in the most disadvantaged and deprived wards of Luton.

Funding through these awards supports our Luton 2020-2040 Vision - A place to thrive, where no one lives in poverty.

The CLLD is a European Union-funded programme which supports schemes to improve the lives of Luton residents. This allows people in the most deprived areas of Luton to have access to projects which tackle the issues affecting them such as helping people find better jobs.

It especially benefits groups such as older people and those with mental or physical health conditions and helps encourage communities to come together.

Councillor Hazel Simmons MBE, Leader of the council, said: "The community projects and their supporters have responded well to the online voting process and we are delighted that these funds will go toward helping projects which, for example, will help people learn new skills and will help tackle the issues which prevent them from finding better jobs.

"They'll especially benefit groups such as older people and those with mental or physical health conditions and will help encourage communities to come together.

"We hope this good news will further add value to the groups’ commitment and determination to deliver what you set out to achieve and look forward to 2021 with a positive start.

"We appreciate and give our thanks to all the community groups who applied for this funding and all the residents who actually voted on the projects."

Rehana Faisal, Chair of Luton Local Action Group (LLAG - CLLD Programme), said: "It's our pleasure to congratulate the successful groups who have been awarded CLLD funding following the end of the public vote.

"It was great to see range of amazing community organisations presenting their unique community projects focusing on the 11 CLLD wards. The process is a creative way of allocating resources where local residents ultimately are given the opportunity to be able to vote on the projects they want to see making a difference in their local areas.

"These funds have proved to be a success over the years as they have enabled many organisations to improve the service and facilities they provide to support their local communities."

Although as many projects as possible have been awarded funding there were some deserving projects which unfortunately were not successful. However the CLLD organisers are happy to work with those projects to help find alternative funding.

The amount of funds for each project has been determined by the number of public votes they received. See below the order of ranking. See below the order of ranking. Successful applicants will be contacted in the New Year with the full grant conditions and further requirements.

Grants are being administered by our Strategic Community Services / Social Justice team on behalf of the Local CLLD committee from the European Social Fund.

In previous years residents voted in person on the project proposals that they wanted to see happening in their CLLD neighbourhoods. This year, due to the coronavirus, the process switched to an online vote. In this way the residents of the CLLD wards were able to directly participate in the allocation of resources.

CLLD projects and awards

Announcing the 26 groups who'll receive the funds are Leader of Luton Council Councillor Hazel Simmons and LLAG member (CLLD ) Rachel Perry.​​


Below is a list of organisations that applied for the CLLD funding along with the amount awarded.​​

  1. ​Community Needs - Digital Skills (100%) £5,000
  2. Grow Your Potential - Building Potential (100%) £5,000
  3. Quba Trust - Joining Hands for Community Development (100%) £5,000
  4. Big Health & Fitness - COVID Recovery (100%) £4930.85
  5. Friends of Bright Eyes - Inclusion Matters (100%) £4,645
  6. Healthy Minds - Mental Physical Health Workshops (100%) £5,000
  7. 21st Century Parenting  - Engaging Teenagers Programme (100%) £4,035
  8. Organisation of Culture & Character - Mental Health & Wellbeing (75%) £3,300
  9. Beechill Community Primary School - Developing Together (75%) £3,750
  10. Mary Seacole Housing Association - Up Cycling (75%) £3,750
  11. Beyond the Ropes - Boxing Save (75%) £3,750
  12. Success Makers Education -  Empowering parents (75%) £3,750
  13. Dallow ABC – Mind over Matter (75%) £3,750
  14. Hockwell Ring Amateur Boxing Club (75%) £3,525
  15. Empowering Education committed to Education – Empowering Women Empowering Men (75%) £3,750
  16. Shri Guru Ravidass Sangat – Digital Skills (75%) £3,750
  17. Sporting Links – Let’s Come Together (75%) £3,713
  18. Edible High Town Planting Seed (50%) £2,500
  19. Luton Elite Badminton Club - Junior Coaching sessions (50%) £2,500
  20. The Safer Luton Partnership -  Good neighbours- Festival Celebrations (50%) £2,500
  21. Creaky Bones Club Health & Wellness -  The Good life Project (50%) £2,450
  22. Stopsley Baptist Church – Green House mentoring (50%) £2,483
  23. Olive Tree Church – Beat Obesity (50%) £2,500
  24. Next Generation Youth Theatre  – Up Our Streets Pop-ups  (50%) £2,500
  25. Recovery College – Food and Mood (50%) £2,500
  26. Music 24 – Mind Our Music (50%) £2,500
  27. Luton Community Ballet – Cinderella Performance (0%) £0
  28. L&D Hospital Radio L&D - Hospital Radio Modernisation (0%) £0
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