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Luton Borough Council

20/10/2020 - Celebrating the sons and daughters of Luton's foster carers

We are supporting the fostering network’s Sons and Daughters Month campaign which celebrates the invaluable contribution of children of foster carers in caring for foster children.

​Many people say that the potential impact on their birth children is one of the major barriers to becoming a foster carer. The reality is that many children benefit from being part of the support network offered by a fostering family to a fostered child. Seeing life from another’s perspective can be an enriching and the experience can help a child learn and develop as an individual.
Most sons and daughters of foster carers report that they are happy being part of a fostering family, but expectations on them are high and there can be challenges to overcome.
Warren, who has been fostering with us for 3 years along with his partner Stuart said: “There has been no jealously, just love and care. All of our children have been instrumental in the success of our fostering family.”
The couple’s adopted children who form a part of their fostering family enjoy helping their parents to take care of the foster children.
Harlow (name changed) aged 10 said: "It is fun to share our home and Dads with foster babies. I love it when they smile and giggle and do silly things. Our family like helping children. I love cuddling them but leave Dad to change the nappies ha ha!"
Susan (name changed) aged 8 said: "We are a Fostering Family and I love helping my daddies to care for foster babies. We make them one of our family and play with them and keep them safe. Dads’ take them to contacts too. I tell my friends and teachers at school all about being part of a fostering family, as children need love."
To show our gratitude, the Fostering Service will be sending out thank you cards and gift cards to foster carers’ children to acknowledge their input in helping to make foster care a success for many children and young people in care.
Councillor Mahmood Hussain, portfolio holder for children and families said: “Our foster carers’ children play a key role in helping foster children to settle into a new home, and providing necessary support to vulnerable children. They have to share their parents with the foster children which can be hard. The council’s ‘Children who foster group’ provides an opportunity for foster carers own children to meet together with others in the same situation as themselves. They provide peer support to each other as well the support offered to them by the fostering team’s social workers who enable the group.
“We are grateful to the sons and daughters of our foster carers for their support in welcoming a foster child into their families and ensuring successful fostering placements.”
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