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08/09/2020 - Bedfordshire Walking Festival Goes Pop in September

Bedfordshire Walking Festival is taking place this month so why not come along on one of the many walks available and explore the beautiful Bedfordshire countryside?

​Walking connects us with nature and those around us and has many benefits, including helping to improve mental health and well-being and reduce anxiety, fatigue and stress.

There are a range of different walks available for almost every ability level. Choose a Pop Up walk if you want to go on a short, special interest or half-day walk. Or, if you'd prefer to walk alone or with friends then why not set yourself some goals with a Pop Out Time Challenge! For the more adventurous, the Greensand Challenge is ideal for small groups with the aim to walk all or part of the Greensand Ridge walk over the weekend of 12-13 September.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation the walking programme has been reviewed and revised to take into account government social distancing guidelines. Walk leaders will also be required to complete risk assessment forms and keep participant details for a specific time.
All walks must be booked in advance. Further information, videos and online training courses can be found at:
For more walking routes visit for a huge variety of wonderful places to walk in Bedfordshire including easy walks for you to download or print off and follow.
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