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Welcome to the area of the website for cycling in Luton. Why not plan your cycle journey in Luton? Visit to find out more.

Luton Bike Recycling Scheme

Our bike recycling scheme takes suitable pre-loved bikes and restores them to a roadworthy condition ready for use again and available to buy.

Find out more visit the Luton Bike Recycling Scheme page.

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Cycling in Luton

Cycling and walking are excellent forms of active travel. With the right equipment, cycling is suitable for most people of varying ages and ability. It’s a low-impact form of exercise, which means it will help you get fitter but is gentle on your joints making it a great form of travel as well as leisure activity.

Active travel can help to reduce the risks of developing health problems such as type 2 diabetes, asthma and even mental health disorders. People who are active feel fresher and healthier through the day. They are also less likely to get sick.

Download our Luton Cycle Map and Guide

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Dr Bike maintenance check and service

Dr Bike is back until 27 October 2022.

Starting in May, Dr Bike will be at Luton Train Station (Station Road side) from 7am until 2pm every Thursday.

Pop along with your bike to get a free maintenance check and service.

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Bikeability cycle training

Bikeability cycling training ensures a level of competency in cyclists when cycling on roads. Training offered by the Council uses instructors that are accredited to National Standards and work to a course which focuses on cyclists riding so that they can see and be seen.

The council is working to:

  • nurture a culture of well-maintained/roadworthy bikes in Luton
  • instil a feeling of confidence and safety for cycle users in Luton
  • consistently demonstrate correct cycling position and ways of communicating to other road users
  • to increase the number of people using cycles confidently and regularly in and around Luton

We offer a range of Bikeability cycle training. These sessions cover learning to ride through to advanced road riding skills. Training is available for adults and children. For more information please email s[email protected]

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We offer Introduction to Road Riding courses to all schools in Luton - aimed at pupils of nine years and above. We start by teaching control skills in an off-road environment and then, once everyone is competent to control their cycle, we move on to quiet residential roads where we can teach road positioning, right of way and how to deal with other road users, using a logical, confidence building framework.

For more information about cycle training for children please contact our cycle training team on 01582 547153.

I have never had a chance to ride before, can you help me?

Yes, we have had a lot of success in teaching adults to ride so that they can ride round the park with their children, or to the point that they are confident to start to ride on the road. Even to the point when they join our instructor training team.

I’ve cycled for years, why would I want training?

  • update skills for newer traffic conditions - different concepts of cycling in traffic
  • give out a consistent message from all cyclists to other road users about road position and general cyclist behaviour
  • to understand what cycle training is given in order to tell other cyclists and be able to talk knowledgably to others and pass on ideas during group rides etc
  • to give detailed feedback to Luton Borough Council about particular cycle routes cycled during training
  • to help promote cycling and cycle training - more cycle journeys, more people observing cycle training in action on the streets
  • details of training - some things covered at advanced level - eg filtering, roundabouts

All the courses we offer are based on confidence building. Our instructors will only move on to the next part of the course when you are ready to. You are in control of the pace, if there are any parts that you want more time spent on than others - it is up to you.

Our booked sessions are all based at Lancaster Avenue Recreation Ground, with control skill practices being held there, and road riding sessions starting there. These are held on Saturday mornings from 10.00 – 12.00 alternation from road riding and learn to ride, with child learn to ride sessions requiring 2 consecutive Saturdays. Sessions are held with a maximum of three riders to one instructor.

Join our cycle training team by becoming a Bikeability cycle instructor.

The course covers the theory and practical required to reach the National Standard for Bikeability cycle instructors.

To become qualified you will need to attend a four day course and complete a post course assessment.

On completion of the course, you'll be able to:

  • train anyone from beginner to advanced riders following national standards for cycling
  • train adults and children

For further information about becoming a cycle instructor please visit 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Instructions Cycle Training

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L&D Cycle Forum

Luton and Dunstable Cycle Forum are a group of local cyclists and supporters of cycling.

The forum works with us, Central Bedfordshire Council, Sustrans Active Travel and local cycling clubs to promote cycling for active travel and health.

They hold meetings four times a year: twice in Luton and twice in Dunstable. There may also be additional meetings to include workshops on specific topics or social meetings.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings and the forum is keen to reach a wide audience from Luton and Dunstable to encourage cycling.

The aims of the cycling forum are:

  • to promote cycling in Luton and Dunstable
  • to support and join together local cycling groups
  • to receive reports on cycling at the main meetings from LBC, Central Bedfordshire Council and Sustrans Active Travel
  • to encourage new members to join the forum

Contact the forum at the email address below for details of the next meeting, or view their Facebook page for full details.

Email: [email protected]

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Useful links

Cycling is not only good for exercise but is also known to reduce stress levels, anxiety, and promote mindfulness. Below you will find useful links that will provide more cycling information:

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