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Luton Borough Council

Hitchin Road / Vauxhall Way scheme


Following the opening of the highway known as Hitchin Road/Stopsley Way/Vauxhall Way junction. We have identified properties that may be entitled to insulation or a grant to do such works under regulation 3 of the Noise Insulation Regulations 1975 (Amended 1988) on the basis that the use of the Highway is expected to cause noise above specified levels, under the Hitchin Road/Vauxhall Way scheme.

We have provided a map of properties that may be eligible for noise insulation or a grant to so such works.

A letter will be sent to each property on the list under Regulation 8(2). If you occupy or are entitled to occupy a property (or are the immediate landlord or licensor of that person) and believe that an offer under Regulation 8(2) should have been made in respect of that property as an eligible building and has not, you can apply in writing as per Regulation 13(1) to:

Mr K Franzen, Major Projects
Building 14
Central Depot

Any such application must be made by October 2021.

Once the application is received, we will review it and will be in contact with you setting out our written response.


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