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Safer driver's

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  1. Before you start your journey make sure you are rested and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs as this is dangerous and illegal.
  2. Check the weather before your journey as driving in severe weather conditions can be difficult, read more about the Met Office's guide to driving safely.
  3. Check over your vehicle to make sure it’s roadworthy. Basic vehicle checks include:
    • oil
    • lights
    • tyre pressure
    • tyre tread
    • screen wash
    • fuel

    Follow the link for a guide on how to complete safety checks on your vehicle. If you need a MOT, the council carries out MOT testing at the central depot in Luton.

  4. Plan to take regular breaks

Are you between 16 and 30 years of age?

Are you 16-30 and thinking about learning to driving or a new driver?. We work in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council to deliver a young driver course called MORE. MORE stands for Motivation, Observation, Reaction and Education which help us to provide structured advice to young people.

The course is a half day and is hosted by Millbrook Proving ground.

Book on the free MORE course

Are you a driver over 30?

Do you find yourself:

  • braking sharply?
  • creeping above the speed limit?
  • driving too close to the car ahead?
  • feeling anxious or intimated when driving?

If so you could benefit from advanced training. We support the work of advanced driver groups. Find out more information:

  • IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists)
  • RoSPA

Are you a driver who has a medical condition? Or over the age of 70?

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Safer motorcycling

Looking after your bike

Maintaining your bike is extremely important for your safety. Make sure your bike is road worthy by doing regular checks:

  • fluids - oil, brake fluid and radiator
  • lights - make sure there working and no blubs are out
  • brakes
  • battery
  • tyres -check the pressures are correct and you have enough depth in the tyre to be legal and there is no damage to the tyre

The council offers MOTs for Motorbikes

Protective clothing

Wearing the right clothing could be the difference between a scratch and being scarred for life, visit the protective kit page on the Motorcycling Matters website for more information.

Rider Training

Rider training is not just for beginners it should be an ongoing process. Courses after CBT include:

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Safer pedestrians and cyclists

No matter what your age always remember to stop, look, listen and think before crossing the road.

Young children are taught how to cross the road but this should not stop once you leave school, this is a lesson for life.

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Luton pedestrians are the highest group at risk from injury on our roads, to keep safe always:

  • remain alert when crossing the road
  • look up from your phone to see what’s happening around you
  • pause any music or your conversation to listen for traffic
  • be seen – make sure traffic sees you by wearing something bright during the day and reflective at night
  • choose a safer place to cross by using formal crossing

Formal crossings include:

  • puffin crossing
  • pelican crossings
  • toucan crossing

These are all traffic light controlled. Luton also has pedestrian refuges and zebra crossings.

Different crossings suit different road layout and traffic flow. Find out more information on the rules for pedestrian crossing from the Highway Code.


How do I request a new pedestrian crossing?

The Council receives many requests for new crossings. Each site is surveyed - using a national criteria, the main factors measured are the number of people crossing and the amount of traffic at the location. Other factors include the number of casualties on the road and if the site is near hospitals, schools or shops etc.

A list is drawn up in order of priority and the worst site for pedestrians is at the top of the list.

To request a new pedestrian crossing please email us at [email protected]

Cycling is a great way to keep fit and travel sustainably. To be a safer cyclist always make sure that:

  • you are always seen by other road users - wear something bright during the day and reflective at night
  • have working front and rear lights
  • wear a helmet
  • regularly maintain your bike to keep it road worthy
  • take training

There are more rules for cyclists to follow, they can found on the on the Highway Code website.

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